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Where You Are:
We are based out of a tiny little town called King and its so small it has a Imler address.  I grew up in the tiny town of Claysburg and then moved to king.  I then moved to Chestnut Ridge when I was in 9th grade and attended school 1996 till 2000.  We moved back to king.  I been living here since.
Who Were Working With:
We are working mainly with Port City on this.  They are helping us with set ups and helping us build the car.  My step Dad Thomas Mauk is the crew cheif.  I have three pit crew members who help at the track RC and Tim which are brothers then I also have there friend Mike.  My Mom Sheila Mauk takes lap times and writes down tire temps while at the track and helps me pick out designs to graphic the car. My nieces and nepthews help clean the car.  They ranmge from age 3 to 8.  There names are Caidence age 3, Gage age 5, Blade age 6, Jolian age 6 and Jaden age 8.   I Wade Champeno normally help with all the set up at track and in the shop.  Both my dad and I do all the Maintence work.  I Wade also do the graphic design on the car and maintain the website and try to do some pr marketing on the net. 
What Our Aim Is:
Our aim is to become the best race team that has ever existed.  Go to NASCAR and try to become the baby ruth of NASCAR.  Like the dude that does the best out of everyone or in nascar terms the Richard Petty.  Been always under funded but we give it our all.  So pretty much just be in NASCAR and try to do our best and hopefully become the best team or racer that has ever raced the sport.
Present Status:
Awaiting car completion.  We are stuck on dollar bills.  Don't have the fundage yet to complete the car.  Soon as I have the fundage the team will be ready to race.  It shopuld be very shortly.  Its all just waiting on some cash to get things going.  About $13,000 is all we need to finish the car and the main sponsor Tom Mauk Contracting should have that very soon.  So we are ready to race just waiting for the car to be done lol.
Estimated Budget:
Well to do the whole series and do it right your looking at about 100,000 or more.  But the way we going to do it is finish the car.  The car will have $18,000 in it when we are done with it and it will be the best it can be and ready to race.  THey are paying $6,000 to win at each and every event we are hoping to go and do well and run off the money we win to fund the car.  or atleast place well enough to be able to make the next race.  I am one of the best at avoiding and missing crashs and incidents because we never have the money to put back the car normally.  But with running this series we will be making alot more and have the money to piece it back together but just from knowledge I know how to avoid them from past experiences so the car should suffer little to know damages.  There is actually three ways of wrecking and avoiding any damge to the car by the way you would hit the person or the thing say wall while you slide into it.  So if you get spun to say and you do not want to rip the car up and ur about to hit the wall.  Well instead of trying to save it and u know u hitting it cause there is not enough to fully save it u ram the brakes and u let it spin around backward and hit with the rear end because it gives little to no damage to the important partts of the chassis there for allo0wing you to complete the racing event and countinue the event.  If you going to run into someone and they blocking the track slam the brakes hit them square with the front and it will suffer bumper damage and maybe a radiator but it will not hurt and keyt parts of the chassis so u will not need expensive chassis components redone.  You get my point lol
What Parts We Need:
We need the car clipped with a new front and a new rear end.  That is replacing the front half of the car and the rear of the chassis.  We are getting all new A Arms upper and lower, we are getting all new hubs, brakes, rodars, wheels, sway bars, springs, rear end, cambered axle tubs, cambered axels, locker center section, race suit, hans device, and new five star body
Paint Job:
I plan on doing flames back the side but in flourescent green and a charcoal gray mettalic.  The flame is going to start in the front bumper and go over top the front wheel well the narrow as it goes back the car.  The hood will be black or white not positive yet.  The roof will have our numbers on with flames in the back ground.  The frunt bumpet is going to be black also just have the flames starting on both corners.  The flames will not go up into the hood though.  The numbers will be multi colors with the numbers definately being black and it will have a chrome and flourescent green border around it. 

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