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Wade Champeno's Late Model Articles 2001-2006

2006 Articles

"July 22, 2006" Champeno Scores Back To Back Seconds

"July 15, 2006" Champeno Brings Home Second

"June 10, 2006" Bump Costs Champeno Win But he returns to finish Third

"June 3, 2006" Rain Dampens Solid Run

"May 6, 2006" Champeno Brings home second following Dusty Rhoads

2005 Articles

"Sept. 2005" Champeno brings home 2nd Place points finish just trailing out of the lead by 8 points

"September 3, 2005" Champeno Brings Home Second Following Rick Boyer to the Finish Line

"August 20, 2005" Champeno was victorious in the preliminary race but rain cancled the Feature Event

"August 13, 2005" Rick Boyer takes home the checkered with Mel Wilt and Champeno following behind

"July 30, 2005" Champeno once again was a victom of a Late Race Pass by Boyer Yeilding the First Place Position to come home in Second place yet again

"July 23, 2005" Boyer made a late race pass to win and get around leader Wade Champeno but Champeno was able to secure Second

"July 2, 2005" Champeno Scores Fourth

"June 18, 2005" Rick Boyer wins Followed by Dusty Rhoads, Todd Corson and Wade Champeno

"June 4, 2005" Dusty and Champeno put on a 17 lap Door to Door Contest for the Lead to the checkered

"May 21, 2005" Todd Wins And Champeno Hangs on to Fourth

2004 Articles

"Sept. 11, 2004" Champeno Brings Home Fifth

"Sept. 4, 2004" Champeno Brings Home Respectible Fifth

"August 21, 2004" Champeno Scores Fourth and Fifth In Twin Features

"August 14, 2004" Champeno Brings Home Fifth Place

"August 7, 2004" Champeno Follows Boyer to finish Second after working his way through the field

"July 24, 2004" Champeno Battled for the lead early on but dropped back to finish fourth

"June 26, 2004" Champeno wins the heat race but comes home in fifth in the feature

"June 19, 2004" Last Weeks Winner Champeno Brings Home Third

"June 12, 2004" Champeno Brings Home First Place with Todd Price at his bumper

2002 Articles

"July 12, 2002" Champeno lands second behind Travis Geisler at Clearfield Speedway

2001 Articles

"Sept. 2001" Champeno Beats out two past rivals Thomas Knight Jr. of the Modifieds and Mel Wilt of the Street Stocks to Bring Home Rookie of the Year title in the Late Models

"April 28, 2001" Rookie Contender Wade Scored A Very Respectible 5th Place Finish in second outing and also received the Hard Charger Award for coming from his 21st Starting position to finish fifth

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