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ASA Late Model Series Offers Alternative To Touring Racers

Formed in 2002 by President Ron Varney and Race Director Chris Throgmartin, USPRO Cup took shape using input from racers by designing rules centered on a mission statement. The rules were molded from this input with stability, reliability; cost effectiveness and performance all cornerstones of the development behind USPRO. GM Racing, Howe Racing Enterprises and Port City Racing were among the racing industry companies contacted during the formation of the series.

From those original ideas the series was born and was taken public after feasibility study conducted by Stone Vos proved that grassroots racing had a need for a financially viable and cost-controlled traveling series.

In February of 2002 in Lansing, Mich., selected drivers were invited to discuss the rules that had been formulated to date and to design a USPRO Cup race car. Tim Felver, Mark Kortz and Phil Massuch, all super late model champions, as well as drivers from factory stock to limited late model to modified drivers attended the "invitation only " meeting.

No manufacturers or promoters were invited to alleviate any conflict of interests in the rules making process. USPRO Cup wanted the rules to be designed by racers, not outside interests. Some rules were changed in order to achieve all the objectives of the drivers.

During the summer of 2002, several shootout races were held throughout Michigan and Northern Indiana. These races provided USPRO Cup with a platform to race, test and examine each component as well as the engine packages available from Ford and GM. Top super late model drivers including Butch Miller, Fred Campbell, Dave Sensiba, Mark Kortz and Jeff Bozell tested both the Ford and GM engines.

The rapid growth of this series is phenomenal. In 2003 for the inaugural event of the USPRO Racing series which is now know as ASALMS had 13 cars show to compete. The series although small, started the wheels in motion for a change that would sweep the short track-racing world throughout the Midwest and beyond. The Crate Motor, Template Body package with cost limitations on parts was appealing to not only drivers, but to race tracks throughout the country. Late in 2003, USPRO owners were approached by the now historic American Speed Association to form a partnership and launch a series that would forever change the history of short track racing; ASALMS.

The 2004 season had the ASALMS teams and series sweep through the Midwest with gusto. Despite all the troubles with the now historic American Speed Association, the ASALMS continued to grow and prosper. In the final days of the American Speed Association, a deal was made to return the ASALMS back to the original owner of the USPRO series who helped kick-start this awesome trend in racing; Ron Varney.

Today, the series is much the same as it was in its original days with small changes implemented to make it more conducive to the travel and safety. It is still by far the most cost-effective high profile traveling series around. The benefits to the teams that are a part of the series is far reaching and offers teams a chance to compete with the best of the best. The ASALMS is professional racing; it is not just a Saturday night show at the track. The teams that race are professional race teams of varied backgrounds, ages, geography and income.

Teams come out not only to compete, but also to perfect their skills as a professional driver. To run the series, you will visit a number of varied tracks with different speeds, sizes and banking. The teams also have the eyes and ears of the racing world upon them and many will use this as a tool to launch their racing careers. The ASALMS is a premier series, with premier drivers and tremendous support from some of the largest companies in the racing industry.

The ASA Late Model Series is not for the tepid driver, the teams that come out and compete are there to because they have a fire within them that drives them to be the best. Whether they are racing one show or all sixteen each one of these teams comes out to make a dream a reality.

The winds of change are upon us all and what we do in the ASALMS fishbowl is Paramount to the Short Track community. We encourage all our teams to step up to the plate and help set the tone for the next decade of short track racing.

The series has been blessed with some of the most talented short track teams from across the country and it has created a buzz in the short track circuit. To be the best short track series out there you have to do more than say it, you have to show it; we have! To say we hit a home run with the series is an understatement; in 2005, we have hit one out of the park!! We have forever left our mark in short track racing history and for that we can all be proud.

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