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Wade Champeno's ASA Late Model Racing Series News
(Aug. 12, 2007)
ASA Late Model Series Racing News for Wade Champeno RacingASA Race Series car to be complete shortly.  Former Nascar Weekly Racing Series Late Model Driver Wade Champeno is excited for the completion of his Green Racing Machine
Young talented driver Wade Champeno has been awaiting the completion of this car since August of last year in 2006.  It has taken alot of time to get the money together to finish the car but with great anticipation the completion is near and the race car could yet see the track lights in the 07 race season. 
NASCAR Racing dreams fuels the young race driver Champeno with the intention of being the best racer in the United States and leaving a trail for other drivers to follow is his hopes and dreams.  With a long road ahead of this young driver he believes this ASA Late Model Racing Series is a great stepping stone to continue to rise in the eyes of the racing community as a great driver.   So all the delays of making sure the car is properly put together and done with the best equipment possible is well worth the wait.
Be sure to check back for further updates and thanks for visiting out site.

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